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Animal Services & The Northumberland Humane Society 

The NHS has partnered with local municipalities and now facilitates the animal control team and intake of strays in participating regions of Northumberland.

Our Animal Control Team is focused on responsible pet ownership and educating residents of local By-laws and provincial legislation, like the Dog Owner Liability Act.

Contacting Animal Control Officers 

Currently all animal control calls are being forwarded to the NHS at (905)-885 -7808. Receptionists at the NHS will take down your information and get back to you or forward the info directly to the Animal Services Officers. 

For a direct email, please reach out to animalcontrol@northumberlandhs.com


Licensing Your Dog

Found a Stray Dog

If you find a dog that is loose and can safely secure it, you are able to bring the dog directly to NHS.


If you live in Port Hope, Hamilton Township, or Alnwick Haldimand you may also call Northumberland Humane Society Animal Services to pick up or secure the animal.

 In the township of Cramahe, the NHS also accepts contained strays and can pick up from this region, however – the NHS does not enforce bylaws in this area.

While the NHS does accept strays from Asphodel-Norwood & Cobourg, NHS Animal Control Officers are unable to pick up from these regions.


Once any lost or stray dog arrives to the NHS, they are scanned for a possible microchip, a general health assessment and given 5 business days to be claimed. After the 5 business days, they become adoption candidates through the NHS.


Always remember that social media is the most valuable resource for lost pets to find their way home. Posting possible sightings or identifiable photos online brings lost pets one step closer to home.

Found a Stray Cat

Unlike dogs, cats do not have bylaws prohibiting them from being on the loose. However, suspected cats are accepted to the NHS on a case by case basis. If you find a cat that appears to be a stray or in distress, please call the Northumberland Humane Society at 905-885-4131.

Pet Licensing

License renewals can be done at your local town hall (the option for online or in person varies on the municipality), or at the Northumberland Humane Society!

Fees for Licensing your dog: 

  • $20.00 per spayed/neutered dog
  • $35.00 for unaltered dogs

Therapy and service dogs are exempt from renewal fees 


Dog Bites

If you have been bitten or witness someone bitten by a dog: 

  • Seek medical treatment – Call 911
  • Report the bite to both a bylaw enforcement officer (905 -885 -4131) and your local health unit (905-885-9100)
  • Provide a description of the dog
  • Retrieve the dog owner’s name and address
  • Record as much information as you can (date, time, location)
  • Gather witness information/contact information
  • Take photos of the bite injury
  • Write a handwritten statement with all details as soon as possible

If you are the owner of a dog who has bitten someone:

  • Leash your dog 
  • Isolate your dog from other people/animals  
  • Report the bite to both a bylaw enforcement officer (905 -885 -4131) and your local health unit (905-885-9100)
  • Write down the incident with all of the details as soon as possible
Bylaws in Participating Municipalities

The Northumberland Humane Society works across Northumberland County, enforcing safe pet ownership bylaws, or accepting strays from that region.

If you are looking to find out more about your municipality and what the NHS covers in your region, please review the links below:

Port Hope: The NHS enforces local bylaws and services calls for strays or loose dogs in this region. 

Visit Port Hope’s Website

Hamilton Township: The NHS enforces local bylaws and services calls for strays or loose dogs in this region.

Visit Hamilton Township’s Website 

Cobourg: The Town of Cobourg is responsible for the enforcement of local bylaws. The NHS does accept strays from this region. 

For animal-related incidents including a lost or found pet, sick or injured stray animal, animal-related by-law infractions, or other animal-related emergencies, call 905-372-4301 or email bylaw@cobourg.ca.

Cobourg Animal Services

Alnwick/Haldimand: The NHS enforces local bylaws and services calls for strays or loose dogs in this region.

Visit Alnwick/Haldimand’s Animal Bylaw Page

Cramahe: The NHS services calls for strays or loose dogs in this region, but does not enforce Animal Control By-laws.

More info for Cramahe Animal Services & Bylaws


Found an Animal in Need After Hours?

Dogs do not just get loose between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If require assistance with a loose dog or a loose animal that poses a risk to the public, please call your local police department or emergency services.

Found Wildlife?

The NHS animal is not licensed to rehabilitate or care for wildlife, please check out these resources if you are looking for help with wildlife in need!

Contact PAWS if an animal is in distress or being neglected.  Cases of neglect or distress can look like:

  • Injured, in pain, sick, suffering or abused
  • Lack proper care, water, food or shelter

Call 911 if there is:

  • An animal attack
  • An animal in a hot or cold vehicle

Animal Abuse/ Neglect Reports

While the NHS cares about the well-being of all pets and wants them to be in safe and loving homes, animal cruelty complaints and investigations are under the jurisdiction of Provincial Animal Welfare Services.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, please reach out to 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625).

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