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The NHS, as the local affiliate of the Ontario SPCA, is legally responsible for animal cruelty investigations in Northumberland County; over 250 complaints are received each year in our area. These cases not only involve cats and dogs, but other animals, such as farm animals and exotic pets.

Empowered by the Ontario SPCA Act, Inspectors and Agents relieve animal suffering and distress by issuing orders, removing animals and laying charges under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Ontario SPCA Act where circumstances warrant.

Under the Act, Inspectors and Agents have the same authority as police officers when enforcing animal-cruelty laws.

For more info: ontariospca.ca/what-we-do/

The Investigations Department operates on a complaints basis.

To Report suspected animal abuse please call:  310-SPCA(7722)

For general inquiries, you can contact our Investigations Department directly at investigations@northumberlandhumanesociety.com


Making the decision to rehome your pet is never easy. If you own a pet that you are no longer able to provide care, the Northumberland Humane Society will accept animal surrenders from residents in Northumberland County.

 Before surrendering your animal to the Northumberland Humane Society please note:

  • We take animal surrenders in by appointment only, as we have limited space and resources.
  • Please call us at 905-885-4131 ahead of time so that the animal care staff can ensure that we can set up appropriate housing for your pet.
  • An up-to-date rabies vaccination is required for all cats and dogs entering our facility. Rabies vaccinations must be obtained for the safety of staff and other animals staying at NHS.
  • There may be a surrender fee depending on your animal’s species. You will be informed of the surrender fee when you contact the NHS to make a surrender appointment.

If you are considering surrendering your pet because of behavioural problems, we encourage you to seek advice and training to work with these problems before you make your final decision. Most behavioural problems arise because of miscommunication between the pet and the owner or when a certain need of the pet is not being met. If you have a challenge with your companion animal that you want help with, please contact us. Our staff can guide you through the resources that are available to help you keep your pet.

Surrendering your pet is a final decision. Once you have completed the surrender process, your pet becomes the property of the NHS
and cannot be reversed. We understand that surrendering your pet is an emotional decision so please take time to think about your decision.

We ask you to provide the following:

  • Your pet’s medical records (or the name of your pet’s veterinarian clinic)
  • A piece of photo identification for yourself
  • Up-to-date rabies vaccination certificate (provided by your veterinarian)
  • To help reduce your pet’s stress, we ask that you bring items that are familiar to them such as favorite toys and a blanket
  • Fill out an Animal Surrender Form for your specific pet and provide as much information as possible about the animal’s history. Please be honest about any medical or behavioural problems so that staff can match your pet with the appropriate home.
Surrender Dog Form
Surrender Cat Form
Surrender Small Animal Form


Dogs with Food

The Northumberland Humane Society knows that people may go through tough times and not be able to support the needs of their pet(s). As part of its ongoing commitment to the residents of Northumberland County, the Northumberland Humane Society is happy to assist residents of Northumberland County with our new Pet Food Bank program.

With support and donations from our community, the program offers assistance to residents of Northumberland County that are encountering temporary difficulty providing food for their pets. The Northumberland Humane Society recognizes that due to unforeseen events some families may require a helping hand when it comes to feeding their pets. The NHS will provide a two-week supply of food to help families get through this difficult period and ensure their pets do not suffer.

The Pet Food Bank program operates during regular NHS hours: Monday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm

Residents who are seeking assistance from this program are asked to call the NHS in advance at 905-885-4131 so that their pet food supply can be ready for pickup.


The Northumberland Humane Society’s Pet Aid Spay and Neuter Assistance Program offers financial assistance to low income pet owners who cannot afford the cost of spay and neuter surgeries. Thousands of homeless animals across the province end up in shelters and pounds due to pet overpopulation which is a direct result of animals left unaltered. In addition to controlling the population, spaying and neutering is important for your pet’s health and well-being.

The Pet Aid Program is available to residents of Northumberland County whose annual household income is no greater than the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-Offs (LICOs). If approved, the NHS will assist with the spaying/neutering of up to two pets per family per year. Dogs and cats eligible for the program must be in good overall health and between 6 months and 7 years of age.

The Pet Aid Program was created in loving memory of Fiona Crouch whose dream was to give back to the community by addressing pet overpopulation in Northumberland County. Thanks to a generous bequest from Ms. Crouch, the Northumberland Humane Society is able to fulfill her dream by offering financial assistance to low income pet owners in the community.

In addition to the bequest, the NHS relies on fundraising efforts and support from the community to fund the program. Donations can be made directly to the Pet Aid Program by contacting the Northumberland Humane Society at 905-885-4131.

For more information please download the Pet Aid Program brochure HERE

Participating Vet Clinics:

  • Port Hope Veterinary Hospital
  • Ganaraska Animal Clinic
  • Dale Veterinary Clinic
  • Strathy Road Animal Clinic
  • Midtown Animal Hospital
  • Pineridge Veterinary Clinic
  • Rice Lake Animal Hospital
  • Northumberland Veterinary Services
  • Campbellford Veterinary Services
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Phone: 905-885-4131
Fax: 905-885-8027


Privacy Policy

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